Ancient Futures

by Louis Wain and the Cats

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released March 25, 2014

Spencer Oey : Lead Guitar

Danny Akin : Bass Guitar

Kristin Gradwohl : Guest vocals on tracks 2 and 4

Sound engineer : Dan Stilwell



all rights reserved


Louis Wain and the Cats San Jose, California

Brian Gradwohl : Vocals and Guitar

Robby Palermo : Drums

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Track Name: Mitosis
Seek and be shown
Contemplate basic principles
of alternating waves
that hadn't forgot from whence they came

And reach towards the sky to question the axis point of:
"Why if all that could be known
would learn to dilute it's own design
and ripple for fun, why couldn't it have stayed as one?"

All burning days
align with untimely disarray
and weighed down your luck,
at least no one attempted to call your bluff

When asked for your sign,
well what could you do for Gemini's
that God squared away?
They asked their professor
"Who's to say anyway?!"

Could've been more
At your full potential life's a chore
Hey there's a sign
Astrologically define you for yourself
We make up the difference as we delve deeper inside
The collective unconscious divides itself
Track Name: Anthem: Fox vs. Bunbun
There was a fox who spoke through me

Swimming in one sided wit
Leaving time to drown in all of it
I filled her glass up with my doubt
Observed the words as they crawled from her mouth

She dragged my body down the hall
Paranoia in a free for all
She heard the footsteps comings closer
Don't worry, no one's at your shoulder now

I built a home out of her wall
Turned out I wasn't so dead after all

If you don't die, well neither will I
If you don't die we need you to lie
If you don't die, me neither
Track Name: Catalogue a Foreign Species
Lost and half asleep
Wandering on the side of the street
Keep your night thoughts hidden from
so called authorities
Ponder, is there knowledge to seek
or has it been buried in their tombs?

Are you too blind to see the truth?

Drown in irony
Catalogue a foreign species
Laugh at your bitter thoughts
In questioning your ways,
Soon arrive a not too distant day
Will you fear the sight of all your fuss
when you've nobody to trust?

Concussed and paralyzed
Synchronicity's and all too watchful eyes
Align in obedience and learn your destiny
Survival never was a guarantee
When you're just a ripple caused by a wave
Washing right into your grave
Track Name: Rise Fall Repeat
New beginning for some
The golden dawn appears to peal itself
Right over the mountain

Rise fall repeat again 
Fore too long all of your time's been spent
You're paying someone else's rent

Every truth begotten yesterday
Will be had again anew

Revolve it in the heavens, or was it set aside for us?
-It wasn't set aside
Few would know the difference
-If you would even know the difference
As soon as you can breach that thought
-If you ever will, if you'll ever preach it
You'll be blooming in your pot

Haven't you forgotten yesterday
Will be had again anew

Unknowingly bestowed upon
The eye of the beholder's lawn
Spinning in the planes of time
-I don't know how long I've been spinning
I don't know if it's day or night or noon
Can not you remember yesterday?
I'll be glad again
With you
Track Name: Celeb Shot
You could be wise
If you open your eyes
If you want to wake up the shouts of a muse

Step out of the darkness
Into the depths of your soul

It's a beautiful mess
Look what's put before you now
It's funny when you know it's all a test
Step into the fire glow
Feel which way to go
Passion burns just like a fever

It's out of sight
And hard to find that fever

Try as you might
You're hung up like a phone from a wire

You need something to step in
and break that spell you're under

Try as you might
You just can't sweat it out
So get out

Out of the darkness into the depths
Track Name: Pleiadian Radio Project
As sure as I am waiting patiently
for you to arrive
The stars that linger overhead
cross pathways just to catch your eye
Will you see, in spite of latency,
The forces working behind the scenes?

Advise a quest through mountains dimly lit
by light of the moon
A mirror image mind reflecting
every secret in a truth
Embodies you, you stand in holographic form
Disintegrating, it's not a waste

You learned before you had arrived
That your earthly form was
disguising all of your demons
And just to throw me off,
You claim that we're all one

You're demons

The last piece of the puzzle's over my head
And I see infrared
To think that we were never here
confuses everything you said
Dissolve my matter or
Put me in my place
Where ancient futures interlace

You claim that we're all God
Track Name: Health
You worked a little hard today
I think you should remove yourself and contemplate
existence in your human form
And everything that goes around inside
of the normal space that you can occupy
I know it'd make a difference if you ever tried
Let yourself outside the lines
Light out

Take a look all around and hear the sounds
Life builds itself up only to be stricken down
As sure as light will leave the sun
There's a new war to be won
And I hear laughing from a cave
It looks like they're throwing another rave

We all are going to hell

You work little hard for me
Sit back and let the sacred space between us breathe
If silence is the golden key
then what's the use in anybody writing me off
Label me insane today
If I go see me my psychiatrist he'd send me away
And I know their all full of shit so
Go ahead and write a new prescription for me

If you're sick and tired of always being sick and tired
Come to the show, get loose,
and weekend shake your body cause it's on fire

Light will leave the sun
There's a new war to be won
I hear laughing from a cave
Are we ever going to be saved?

We all are going to hell
Oh won't you take your time while you're around
Enjoy every sound

You looked a little hard again
I'm starting to believe that
we would never be friends
If silence is the way to mend
then take me to the loudest place you know
Welcome back to the show
where all your friends are characters you've already known
And life is just a story that you wrote
With godly imperfections like the thorns of a rose

I just hear the shouts
Life builds itself up

Sure as light will leave the sun
There's a new war to be won
I hear laughing
Track Name: Alderaan
The sun is reigning now
It's rays upon a distant hill 
Illuminate the crowned
A cast of silhouettes withdrew
All I could do for you was manifest my shield
There's nothing time could ever heal

When all your fear is gone

And so becomes the night
Apparently the stars align
But stalking in the brush
The shape of what must be discussed
is coming close to us
Who knew it could be dangerous
To be sitting round singing songs
Of what life was like on Alderaan
And you said that you'd never belong
Oh well, whatever, carry on my dear

Just carry on
Carry all your fear until all your fear is gone

At last
the distance
is coming in
to focus 
So press on to Alderaan

It's time to make our run
Who knows it might even be fun
For each and everyone of us
It seems there's nothing meant to be

Who said time couldn't heal all wounds
We must be holding different truths
Meant to be
Who said time had to take so long
I've got to find my way back on to Alderaan

I've got to press on back to Alderaan